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Having been operating in the sensual products market for almost two decades, the Hot Flowers team is committed to offering the best quality raw materials in 100% national production, which guarantees the company from Indaiatuba, in addition to supplying the entire Brazilian territory, exporting to Colombia, United States and Portugal, and achieve the brand of largest manufacturer of sensual products in Latin America.

Each Hot Flowers item is cared for as if it were unique, from the manipulation of the essence in the laboratory, through packaging to distribution. Investing tirelessly in new technologies, producing with creativity and thus dictating new trends, Hot Flowers is a reference in a growing erotic market that offers health and quality of life worldwide.


Offer to our customer around the world high quality and performance with cutting-edge technology, valuing the sustainable way of manufacturing healthy products that generate freedom and quality of life for our customers.


Always be committed to staying on the path to recognition as the largest manufacturer of sensual products in Latin America, promoting customer satisfaction through bold, innovative and very original alternatives.


Ethics, respect, commitment, transparency, in addition to the excellent work of a good team.

Respecting the customer and maintaining their safety and satisfaction, the Hot Flowers team remains a sustainable company, producing all the elements that make up its catalog, within international technical hygiene and production standards.

Committed, transparent and ethical, with a focus on trends and evolution, the Hot Flowers team, which has hundreds of direct and indirect employees, is always available to form new partnerships that add to its development, keeping the company as a leader in the segment.

Hot Flowers USA
Since 2016, "Hot Flowers" has been a leading name in the USA market, offering a premium selection of unique and high-quality personal care products. Imported directly from our trusted factory in Brazil, each item reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation, providing customers with a distinctive and enriching experience in personal care and wellness.
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+1 407 684-5635 - 9:00AM to 5:00PM EST
Orlando, FL - 32819-5280

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