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Be a partner of the largest industry in the sensual products sector in Latin America and growing up in the United States, offering discreet, exclusive, and comfortable service to customers who want guaranteed safety and high technology in the products they use. Creativity with quality of life that generates good financial results.

The Advantages of Being a Reseller

Gain your independence with:

Flexible Hours

One of the benefits most desired by most workers is more flexible hours. No charges, no waking up so early, being able to work 6/8 or 10 hours a day according to your own planning and organization, you can even work from home.

Running Your Own Business

Is your professional dream to be able to make your own rules and make your own decisions? A reseller enjoys the advantages of organizing his work routine as best suits him. He can still serve his customers at home if he cannot afford a commercial location.

Financial Independence

For many professionals who are outside the formal job market — that is, without a formal contract —, reselling products becomes a great way to gain their financial independence and actively contribute to the country’s economy, in addition, of course, to enjoy the advantages of earning your own money and spending it however you want.

Relationship Expansion

Whether searching for customers or making recommendations, they allow professionals who work as resellers to meet many people. Inevitably, these professionals can form a portfolio of effective contacts, contributing to their personal growth and making them potential business generators through a gradually built large and varied networking network.

Professional Appreciation

Those who dream of starting a business are unemployed, need to take care of their children, and have greater freedom at work; for example, working in resale means valuing themselves as a professional. The reseller will feel useful, earning their own money, meeting people, and managing their time. These are some of the advantages of professional resellers that are not found in any other type of work.

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